Mandar Land A Piece of Heaven In West Sulawesi Cetak
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Mandar is a name of Ethnic in West Sulawesi. Most of societies who lived and farmed in the province are Mandarese. Mandar has been recognized legally as an ethnic in Sulawesi even in Indonesia. Mandar has own language, event and tradition, and tourism object.

Mandar has own language which is different with another ethnic in Sulawesi such as Bugis and Makassar. Not only the words but also the accent of these ethnic are completely different. In Mandar itself, there are many kinds of accent known around mandar, because every single village or district in Mandar has own accent such as Tinambung accent, Luaor accent, Pambusuang accent, Pellattoang accent, etc.

In Mandar, there are many popular event and tradition. One of the most popular even is Sandeq Race. This even is not only enjoyed by the society from mandar, but also there are many tourist from American or Europe enjoy this even. Mandar has own marriage culture which is different with another ethnic in Sulawesi.

sandeq race mandar

Sandeq Race as most popular of maritime culture in Mandar (Photo :  Muhammad Ridwan Alimuddin)

In tourism, mandar has various tourism object such as beach, water fall, museum, island, etc. There are many impressive beach in Mandar such as Palippis beach, Dato beach, Rangas Beach, etc. Not only beach but also Waterfall such as Liawan waterfall, Sambabo waterfall, Sallokan waterfall, Pempioang waterfall, etc. There are also Mandar museum and Karampuang Island.

pantai palippis polewali mandarPalippis beach in Polewali Mandar regency (Photo : Pusvawirna Natalia Muchtar)

pantai dato majene

Dato beach in Majene regency (Photo : Adham Nugraha)

mandar museum majeneMandar museum in Majene regency serve many history, culture, and art of Mandar
(Photo : Pusvawirna Natalia Muchtar)

In short, Mandar is piece of paradise in West Sulawesi, because Mandar has something unforgettable.

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